Marco Antonio Belardi

Marco Antonio Belardi

CEO of Lotus Production

Born in 1973, always a cinema fan, he received a diploma from the State Cinematographic and Television Institute of Rome (l’Istituto di Stato per la Cinematografia e la Televisione di Roma”), he was a regular the studios at Cinecittà to learn set behavior and to observe the work of directors such as Fellini, the Taviani brothers and Tornatore. He knows the advertising world through backstage experience with the top advertising agencies.

In 1996,he founded the Immaginando post-production company and in 1999 became one of the two partners founding Sunflower Production srl, an advertising and television company, serving first as President and then as Sole Administrator. Sunflower produced various advertising spots and television programs, including “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” (“Indovina Chi Viene a Cena”), a ten-episode prime time series on RAI Due, with Belardi as one of the creators and producers.
In 2003, among the founding partners of Hangar srl, he was involved in creating format and production for television programs. The debut was an early evening game show for Italia 1 hosted by Enrico Papi and called “Baila”. His cinema debut came in 2001 with the film “First Kiss Me” (“Prima Dammi un Bacio”), the first appearance of Ambrogio Lo Giudice with Stefania Rocca, Luca Zingaretti and distributed by UIP, United International Pictures.

Since 2003 he has gained experience in producing advertising, television and cinema films, through the State Institute for Cinema and Television (R. Rossellini) (“l’Istituto di Stato per la Cinematografia e la Televisione” (R. Rossellini). In 2004 he left Sunflower Production srl and Hangar srl and founded Lotus Production, a cinema and television production company.
In 2006, he produced “In the Closing Credits” (“In Coda ai Titoli”) by R. Paoletti, a documentary selected at the International Rome Film Festival in the Extra category. In the same year, he co-produced the film, “What Makes You Happy” (“Ça Rend Heureux”) by Joachim Lafosse, in competition at the 59th Locarno Film Festival (a Belgian-Italian co-production).
In 2007, he produced the comedy “Trip to Italy” (“Viaggio in Italia”) with Licia Maglietta and Antonio Catania and directed by Paolo Genovese and Luca Miniero, an experimental pilot project pilot for Ballarò, RAI Tre. In 2008 he was the executive producer for the Mediavivere company of a six-part television series, “Friends of Mine” (“Amiche Mie”), with Margherita Buy, Elena Sofia Ricci, Luisa Ranieri, and Cecilia Dazzi, directed by Genovese and Miniero, aired on Canale 5.
In 2009 he produced “Love 14” (“Amore 14”), directed by Federico Moccia, distributed by Medusa Film.

In 2011, a huge box office success with the comedy “The Immature” (“Immaturi”) by Paolo Genovese, which surpassed 15,000,000 euros according to Cinetel.
In the following year, he reaffirmed this success with the sequel to the “The Immature”, “The Immature, the Trip” (“Immaturi il Viaggio”) again directed by Paolo Genovese.

The year 2012 also saw the theater production by Massimiliano Bruno, “Do you remember me?” (“Ti ricordi di me?”) with Ambra Angiolini and Edoardo Leo, directed by Sergio Zecca which sold out for both of the weeks it was staged at the theater Ambra alla Garbatella, with early and numerous reservations for next winter’s tour.
Currently in production, a feature-length documentary about Carlo Verdone directed by Gianfranco Giagni and Fabio Ferzetti that is going to be distributed on TV, cinema circuits and HomeVideo and it will participate in the next Rome Film Festival.

In January 2013 the new movie will be released (now in pre-production) directed by Paolo Genovese and titled “A Perfect Family” interpreted by Sergio Castellitto, Marco Giallini, Claudia Gerini, Carolina Crescentini and Francesca Neri.
And then in September we will have Federico Moccia’s new commedy, based on University World Stories. Both films will be distributed by Medusa Film.

In 2013 Marco Belardi put 3 films into production.

The first, the film taken from the theatrical play of the same name “Ti ricordi di me?” (Do You Remember Me?), produced by Lotus in 2012 and 2013. Written by Paolo Genovese, Edoardo Falcone and Edoardo Leo from a story by Massimiliano Bruno, the film is co-produced with RAI Cinema, interpreted by Ambra Angiolini and Edoardo Leo. Distributed by 01 Distribution in 2014, in theatres from April 3th.

Another co-production with RAI Cinema, “Ti sposo ma non troppo” (I’ll Marry You But Not Too Much), is the first work of director Gabriele Pignotta, author and interpreter of the comedy taken from the play of the same name, that Pignotta staged with Lotus for several seasons, to acclaimed success with the audience. Interpreters with him are Vanessa Incontrada, Chiara Francini and Fabio Avaro. Distribuited by Teodora Film in 2014, in theatres from Arpil 17th.

He reaches a new success with the brilliant comedy by Paolo Genovese “Tutta colpa di Freud” (It’s All Freud’s Fault) from an original story by Genovese with Leonardo Pieraccioni and Paola Mammini, boasting a cast of stars (Marco Giallini, Anna Foglietta, Vittoria Puccini, Alessandro Gassman, Claudia Gerini, Vinicio Marchioni and Laura Adriani). In Released in 2014 with Medusa Film, co-producer of the project, from January 23rd.

In 2011 he produced, with Blumalab, ” un altro mondo” (Another World), a documentary directed by Thomas Torelli , with the direct evidences of Gregg Braden, Masaru Emoto, Vittorio Marchi, Igor Sibaldi, Massimo Citro, Emilio del Giudice, Enzo Braschi, Giorgio Cerquetti, Massimo Corbucci, Rainbow Eagle, Antonio Giacchetti, Nitamo Montecucco, Alberto Ruz Buenfil, Don Luis and Westin Luke Penuma.
The documentary, a travel through mistic and scientific to rediscover the bond between Human and Heart, is in competition at RIFF Awards 2014.