Indovina chi viene a cena 


Duration: 100'
Episode N: 10
Broadcast Slot: Rai Due prime time
Production: Marco Belardi per Sunflower Production S.r.l.

What would you think if you discovered that your child’s fiancé was a star? A boy invites his family to dinner to introduce his new mysterious fiancé. But the person who greets you at the apartment door is a famous person, a STAR. The dinner is filled with the unexpected as the guests unwittingly sit before hidden microphones and cameras, and the parents of the protagonist (who is our accomplice and in on the secret) spend an evening with a person they were accustomed to seeing in the pages of a magazine. Their reactions are studied, their comments observed, and we listen to their judgments. The audience witnesses a meeting between two worlds that are apparently very different, and the unwitting family will discover the phobias and tics of the star system, forcing our competitor into a difficult trial.

This transpires just twenty meters from a television studio constructed specifically for this show. Hyper technological direction is used for the first time in protagonist television history. Operators and technicians, monitor and mixer are on-set and allow the audience and our guests to be directly involved in all events that transpire. The studio is connected to the villa through a long tunnel, and at the end of the tunnel is a revolving door. This umbilical cord between fiction and reality facilitates provocations through the guest entrance and allows the audience to be inside the house.