Another world – Un altro mondo

“Another World" is a documentary that focuses on our true strengths and who we really are, challenging the modern vision of the world and rediscovering the value systems of ancient societies, such as those of the Native Americans. It is a journey that highlights how quantum physics is rediscovering the knowledge of ancient tribal peoples and how they interpreted the connection between man and the universe. The film shows, also scientifically, how we are all connected, a concept better expressed by the Maya greeting In Lak'ech, which means “I am another yourself”, and it also shows how unnatural the sense of separation of much of modern thought is.

Man is increasingly becoming conscious of his place in the universe and of his capacity, both as an individual and as a community, to create his own reality. We’re certain that this realization, narrated in the documentary, will open the door to a new way of interpreting reality and stimulate fresh critical spirit in the present, therefore helping to create a better and brighter future for present and future generations.