Ti ricordi di me? – Do you remember me?

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“Do you remember me?” is the story of an incredible encounter between a narcoleptic and a kleptomaniac. Beatrice, an elementary school teacher, and Roberto, an aspiring writer of improbable fairy tales, happen to meet each other outside their psychologist’s office. They’re both being treated for their serious problems, but they have completely different views about the future. Beatrice is about to marry her long-standing boyfriend and dreams of having a family, while Roberto’s attempts at a writing career are fruitless, because of the absurdity of his strange tales. While spending time with Beatrice, whether it’s catching her when she suddenly falls asleep or robbing department stores together, Roberto falls in love with her, and decides she’s the love of his life. And so begins a love story made of clashes, misunderstandings, amnesia and courage, during which they find their balance, despite the fact that they are both people bordering on pathological, full of obsessions and hang-ups, with their bizarre view of the world.