Ti sposo ma non troppo – I’ll marry you but not too much

Sooner or later Facebook was bound to appear in a piece of theatre. In the wake of his recent successes, Gabriele Pignotta, in the triple role of author, actor and director, offers his audiences I’ll Marry You But Not Too Much, a new comedy taken from a true story, one that’s fresh, fun and enjoyably up to date about love relationships that are born and die on the web.

The protagonists of this amusing situation are a couple who are at last getting married after seven years of living together, a physiotherapist who’s a full-time seducer and a woman left at the altar. Thanks to Facebook chat, their lives interweave in a series of hilarious misunderstandings, mistaken identities and emotional chaos until the surprising ending.

This comedy is sentimental and highly amusing, thanks also to the talent of the young but gifted actors who manage to convey their own enjoyment to the audience, I’ll Marry You But Not Too Much delicately tackles the age-old issues – couples, marriage, unfaithfulness, all seasoned with a little virtual reality that often turns into reality, with surprising consequences.

The script is vaguely cinematographic and the scenery simple but functional and portraying three separate settings. The dialogue and quickfire lines are totally irresistible even when they’re slightly predictable. The direction is fresh and lively and maintains perfect and punchy rhythm.
In essence, a delightful performance you’ll easily identify with, one that’s thoroughly recommended for spending an enjoyable and happy evening.