Se tutto va male divento famoso – If everything goes wrong I’ll become famous

Because of the worldwide recession, multinational companies are making people redundant. A group of employees suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves jobless. Their initial desperation will push them into a bizarre and unlikely plan: taking part in a TV talent show and winning the one million euro cash prize!

There’s just one small negligible problem: they have no talent... But thanks to an incredible brainwave they end up having a very “different” talent from everyone else and become famous, but… success is never how we imagine it!

Following the great success of his trilogy: “A White Night”, “Sorry, I’m in a meeting, can I call you back?” and “I’ll Marry You But Not Too Much”, Gabriele Pignotta opens a new cycle of his playwriting with an innovative, original and surprising piece of theatre which places his usual comic strength and irreverent humour alongside an original and acute, discreet and intelligent analysis of important current social questions: the obsession with appearing, at the expense of being and of diversity!