Mi piace perchè sei così – I like you because You’re You


Marco and Monica (Gabriele Pignotta and Emanuela Guaiana) have been married for a few years and they love each other, but once the initial passion wore off, just like with many other love stories, the first cracks and signs of boredom appeared. Just when their relationship seems to have gone completely adrift, they decide to try an extreme last resort: experimental couples therapy which will make the two protagonists see the world through their partner’s eyes. Three months in different roles! Alongside them there’s another couple, their neighbours Stefano and Francesca (Fabio Avaro and Siddhartha Prestinari) who instead are two people who form the classic couple everyone thinks is happy, but in reality they hate each other yet don’t have the courage to admit it to themselves or one another… The lives of these two couples will become woven together until the whole setup explodes and bizarre and hilarious situations arise!!!
Gabriele Pignotta’s new comedy gives us yet another opportunity to laugh and have fun and also reflect on the present condition of couples version 2.0!