Amore 14 

AMORE 14 tells the story of Carolina, aka Caro, who’s 14, grappling with her first loves, the first kiss, the first time, friendship, parties, school, a lot of quarrels in her relationship with her parents.
She has two beloved best friends, Alis and Clod, who she shares her days and her dreams with. She has clumsy stolen kisses in the shadows of doorways. She has school, and wonderful grandparents who can see into her soul, and she also has a legendary brother, Rusty James, who helps her heart to take flight and dream. And then there’s love, the real kind, called Massimiliano, encountered in a bookshop on a September afternoon.

AMORE 14 is a journey through human feelings, the enthusiasm you feel when you meet your first love, the pain of sudden disappointment, your first, the kind that leaves you speechless, the loss of someone you care for, the friendship you think will never let you down. It’s the story of a unique and tender love, the love between Carolina’s grandparents, a love capable of overcoming time and space. It’s a story of great passions and strong emotions, of a young writer, Rusty James, who has the courage to go against everyone and everything in order to pursue his ambitions, including breaking his father’s rules and moving to a barge on the River Tiber, where he finally manages to achieve his dream.

AMORE 14 is love, seen from all its countless sides, it’s friendship, it’s the courage to believe in your dreams.