Sette ore per farti innamorare – Seven hours to make you fall in love

Paolo De Martino is an economics journalist for a well-known newspaper in Naples. He’s a good guy, he’s thorough, polite and he works hard. His career and love life both seem perfect, until the day he finds his girlfriend Giorgia in bed with his boss. He can’t stand the humiliation of it, and resigns from his job. However, the only work he finds is with the editorial staff of “Macho Man”, a weekly news magazine for a male readership. After doing a series of interviews with beauticians, personal trainers, trendy hairdressers and urologists who offer penis enlargement surgery, he gets given an assignment to write about The Pick-up Artist, a sort of guru who teaches men how to seduce any woman in just seven hours. To his great surprise, the guru is Valeria, a beautiful, sexy woman with very clear ideas on relations between the sexes. Paolo, whose love life is at a dead end, will become her guinea pig and end up in the most unthinkable situations.