Universitari – University Students

Much more than just friends

Carlo, Faraz and Alessandro are three students who have left their towns to go to university and are sharing a house. Actually, not exactly a house: "Villa Gioconda" is an old abandoned clinic which the owner has decided to rent to students just like them, without even renovating it much.
The guys coexist easily, each of them with his mess, his non-rules and method of studying. The male universe they live in, however, is about to be invaded by women. The owner has decided to rent to females too, breaking an old rule he set himself years previously. Francesca, Giorgia and Emma move to ‘Villa Gioconda’ and unsettle the fragile comradely balance of the guys’ lifestyle and turn the house upside down.

So Carlo, Giorgia, Emma, Alessandro, Faraz and Francesca face a year of university together: that long, magical, tough period of doing things yourself to get ready for the future, that sort of last holiday before having to get serious in life. Gradually, each of them leaves the nest and takes flight, but not before creating a new, chaotic, fun and rowdy extended family, all six friends. And even an old clinic with useless wiring and wheelchairs in the cellar can suddenly become the setting for an insane, unforgettable adventure. Unforgettable, like the years spent at university and falling in love in your twenties.