Ça rend heureux 

Type: ,
Year: 2006
Artistic Cast: ,

Duration: 85'
Music: Collectif Spacelab
Production: Ekletik Productions, Lotus Production, World Video Production
Festival: In concorso al 59° Festival del Cinema di Locarno

In Brussels, Fabrizio is registered as unemployed and these are not the best times of his life: his relationship with his partner is ending, with much fighting, and he is no stranger to professional problems, as his first film has not been successful with the public. To complete the scene, he receives news that, should he not find a job in seven months, he will lose his unemployment pay. Thanks to his friend Kris and an infatuation with a pub waitress, Fabrizio is inspired to make a new film. With a cast of unemployed film professionals, he begins a new adventure in his beloved cinema.